Basic+ Word of the Day: forget

forget (verb) past tense: forgot LISTEN

If you forget something, it means that you don’t remember it.

  • She forgot my birthday again.

To not take something that you wanted to have with you.

  • I forgot my credit card when I left the restaurant.

To stop thinking about something because it will make you happier is also to forget.

  • I can't forget the horrible things he said.

Common uses

When we want to tell someone that they shouldn’t worry about something, we often say, “Forget it!” For example, “Thank you so much for your help!” “Forget it; it was no problem.”

In pop culture

You can also say, “Forget about it” to mean the same thing. This phrase is very common in the movie Donnie Brasco, about the Mafia in New York. See how many times they say it!

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