Basic+ Word of the Day: hurt

hurt (verb) past tense: hurt LISTEN

My tooth hurts.

If something hurts, it means that it is giving you pain.

  • My head hurts.

If you hurt something, for example your hand, it means that your hand is giving you pain because of something you did to it.

  • He hurt his leg when he was playing football.

If something is hurting you, it means that you feel pain because of it.

  • My new shoes are hurting my feet.

If you hurt someone, it means that they feel sad because of you.

  • She hurt me when she said that she didn’t like me.

In pop culture

Do you know the song “Everybody Hurts” by REM? The song says that you shouldn’t feel alone when you’re sad because everybody is sad sometimes. Listen for these words: “Everybody cries, and everybody hurts sometimes.”

There are other meanings of hurt.
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