Basic+ Word of the Day: avoid

avoid (verb) past tense: avoided LISTEN

He tried to avoid her, but she found him!

If you avoid something, it means that you don’t go near it.

  • I avoid the center of town on weekends because there are too many people.

You can also avoid someone, if you don’t want to see them or speak to them.

  • She’s avoiding him because he talks too much.

If you avoid doing something, it means that you try not to do it.

  • It’s a good idea to avoid eating cake every day.

If you avoid something, it can also mean that you stop something from happening.

  • There are lots of ways to avoid stress.

In pop culture

Do you like running in races? When you run a race, usually you try to have the fastest time. But some people prefer to do fun runs. In fun runs, your time isn’t important. The important thing is to have fun. In this video, you can see a fun run with zombies! The people have to run and avoid the zombies. Would you like to do a fun run like this?

There are other meanings of avoid.

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