Basic+ Word of the Day: fear

fear (noun, verb) past tense: feared LISTEN

She has a fear of snakes.

Fear is an emotion that we have when we see, or think about, something dangerous. If you feel fear, it means that you are scared.

  • You could see the fear in her eyes.

If you have a fear of something, it means that you are scared of it.

  • I have a fear of snakes.

If you fear something, it means that you are scared or worried that something will happen.

  • I fear that there will be war.

In pop culture

Fear Factor is a TV show that makes people do scary things. In this video from the show, a man has to lie in a box full of worms. What does the man say is worse: the way it feels or the way it smells?

There are other meanings of fear.

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