Basic+ Word of the Day: general

general (adjective, noun) LISTEN

A general

If something is general, it means that it only includes the main or most important information.

  • His report was too general. There weren't enough details in it.

We use general when we want to say that something is true for most people, or for most things.

  • The general opinion at the meeting was that it was a good plan. (=Most people thought that it was a good plan.)

If something happens in general, it means that it happens most of the time.

  • In general, I prefer trains to buses. (=Sometimes I might prefer the bus, but usually I prefer the train.)

A general is someone who has an important job in the army.

  • Before he was president, Dwight Eisenhower was a general in the US army.

In pop culture

The Dictator is a comedy movie about a dictator who comes to visit America. His name is Hafez Aladeen, but he likes people to call him Admiral General Aladeen. In this video from the movie, Aladeen goes to a restaurant where everybody hates him. He doesn’t want anyone there to know who he is, so he decides to give the waiter a fake name. He creates a name from words that he can see around him. Does the waiter believe him?

There are other meanings of general.

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