Basic+ Word of the Day: view

view (noun, verb) past tense: viewed LISTEN

A beautiful view

If something has a view, it means that you can see something from it. Usually the thing that you can see is pretty—for example a mountain or lake.

  • My hotel room has a view of the sea.

If you have a good view of something, it means that you can see it well.

  • We were at the front, so we had a good view of the show.

If you view something, it means that you go somewhere to see it.

  • Visitors to the art gallery can view some of Picasso’s paintings.

Your view, or point of view, is your opinion about something.

  • I’d like to hear your point of view.
  • We have different views about the economy.

In pop culture

View from the top is a movie about a young woman from a small town who sets out to fulfill her dream of becoming a flight attendant.

There are other meanings of view.

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