Basic+ Word of the Day: follow

follow (verb) past tense: followed LISTEN

Baby ducks following their mother.

If you follow someone, it means that you go behind them. You go where they go.

  • His dog followed him everywhere.
  • Your room is this way. Please follow me.

If something follows something, it means that it comes after it.

  • In English, a u almost always follows the letter q.

If you follow a road or path, it means that you stay on it.

  • Follow this road for about 15 miles.

If you follow something, it can also mean that you do the thing that someone said that you should do.

  • I told him to get a new job, and he followed my advice.

In pop culture

Peter Pan is a Disney movie about a boy who can fly. He lives in a magic place called Never Never Land with his friends, the Lost Boys. In this video from the movie, the boys want to find the Indians. Peter Pan tells John that he’s the leader, and the boys sing, “We’re following the leader.” What animals do the boys see on their walk?

There are other meanings of follow.

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