Basic+ Word of the Day: merry

merry (adjective) LISTEN


Merry means ‘full of joy and cheerfulness.’

  • Santa Claus is a merry man.

Merry also means ‘festive.’

  • It was a very merry party.

Common uses

Merry Christmas is a popular greeting during the holiday season.

the more the merrier: the more people who join a group, the better time they will have. Example: “Is it okay if I join you for lunch?” “Sure. The more the merrier.”

Did you know?

A merry-go-round is another name for a carousel.

In pop culture

Judy Garland sings “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to cheer up her little sister in the movie Meet Me in St. Louis. They are not having a merry Christmas because they just found out that their family will be leaving their home to move to New York. But this song is hopeful that next year will be better.

There are other meanings of merry.

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