Basic+ Word of the Day: raw

raw (adjective) LISTEN

Raw oysters on the half shell

Raw means ‘uncooked.’

  • Wash your hands after you handle raw chicken.
  • William only eats raw vegetables.

Raw can also mean ‘unprocessed.’

  • Raw milk has not been pasteurized.
  • Wendy's sweater was made of raw cotton and had a very rough texture.

Common uses

in the raw: naked. Example: “At the beach, some people were swimming in the raw.”

raw footage: film that has not been edited. Example: “The news website posted raw footage of the earthquake.”

In pop culture

People who follow a raw vegan diet eat only uncooked and plant-based foods. Watch this video to learn to make raw vegan pad thai. Would you like to make this recipe?

There are other meanings of raw.
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