Basic+ Word of the Day: record

record (verb, noun) past tense: recorded LISTEN

Some records

If you record something, it means that you use your camera to make a video of it.

  • Are you recording this? I want to put it online.

If you record something, it can also mean that you save music, so that people can listen to it later.

  • The band recorded their first song in 1978.

A record is something that can play music. It’s like a CD, but bigger.

  • I still have all my old records from the 1970s.

When someone does something better than any other person (or animal!), we call this a record. For example, there is a record for the fastest tortoise.

  • The record for the fastest mile is 3 minutes 43 seconds.

Did you know?

There are two ways to say record: when we’re talking about a thing (“a record”) we say it one way, and when we’re talking about something you can do (“I record”) we say it another way. Listen to the two ways to say record here.

In pop culture

Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube? Usually it takes a long time, but there are some people who can do it really quickly. In this video, you can see a boy do it in less than 5 seconds! His time became the new world record.

There are other meanings of record.

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