Basic+ Word of the Day: rude

rude (adjective) LISTEN

How rude!

If someone is rude it means that he or she is not nice and polite.

  • Don't ask for his help, he is very rude and will tell you to go away.
  • You should never be rude to a waiter in a restaurant.

A reply or a comment can be rude as well.

  • She made a rude comment about my new girlfriend.

Common uses

When someone is impolite, sometimes we use the exclamation, “How rude!” For example, if someone says, “You look very ugly today,” you can respond by saying, “How rude!”

In pop culture

In the song “Rude,” by MAGIC! the young man wants to marry his girlfriend and asks her father for his blessing. Do you think her father is rude?

There are other meanings of rude.

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