Basic+ Word of the Day: naughty

naughty (adjective) LISTEN

One of you has been very naughty!

Someone, especially a child, who does not obey the rules is naughty.

  • The teacher sent the naughty girl to the principal's office.
  • If you are naughty, you can't watch your favorite TV show tonight.

Informally, naughty also means ‘sexually provocative.’

  • The newsstand keeps the naughty magazines behind the counter.

Did you know?

Children who celebrate Christmas know that Santa Claus keeps a list of nice children, who get presents, and naughty children, who do not get presents. So, especially in the month of December, most children try to be nice.

In pop culture

Naughty and Nice is a 2015 Christmas movie about two radio hosts. Watch the trailer. Which one is naughty?

There are other meanings of naughty.

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