Basic+ Word of the Day: above

above (adverb, preposition) LISTEN

We flew above the clouds.

When something is above, it means that it is in a higher position.

  • There were no clouds above us.
  • He put the photo above the fireplace.

If something is above something else, it means that it is more than the other thing.

  • Only people above 21 years old can buy liquor.

If, when you write, you want to mention something that you already wrote about, you can use above.

  • The sentence above is an example of the theory.

Common uses

You can say above all when something is the most important thing. For example: “Above all, follow your dreams.”

In pop culture

Listen to Sister Rosetta Tharpe sing the gospel song, “Up Above My Head.” What does she hear above her head?

There are other meanings of above.

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