Basic+ Word of the Day: concern

concern (verb, noun) past tense: concerned LISTEN

"I'm concerned about your fever."

If something concerns you, it is important to you or it worries you.

  • Drug abuse concerns us all.
  • I'm concerned about the economy.

To concern can also mean ‘to be about someone or something.’

  • That novel concerns the time between the wars in England.
  • This story concerns two mothers who meet at the park.

Something important to someone can be a concern. Sometimes it is about something you are worried about.

  • My concern is that you love someone else.
  • That is of no concern to you.
  • A concern can be a business.

Did you know?

When you write a formal letter, for example, to a company, but you don’t know the name of the person who will read it, you can start the letter with the salutation, “To whom it may concern.”

In pop culture

This song is called “Level of Concern.” What is he concerned about?

There are other meanings of concern.

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