Basic+ Word of the Day: block

block (noun, verb) past tense: blocked LISTEN

Building blocks

A block is a toy for children, usually shaped as a cube.

  • The kids are building a house with their blocks.
  • Children can learn their ABCs when they play with blocks.

A block is also the length of one street in a neighborhood or town.

  • There is a supermarket on my block.
  • My sister lives three blocks away.

If you get in the way of something you block it.

  • The security guard blocked the entrance.
  • The defenseman blocked the goal.

A block is something that causes other things to stop moving.

  • There is a road block on the highway and the police are stopping all the cars.

Common uses

Writer’s block occurs when a writer temporarily cannot proceed with writing.

Did you know?

The new kid on the block is a person who is new to a situation and doesn’t know how things work yet. For example: “My new boss said, ‘I’m the new kid on the block. Give me a chance to learn how the company operates.'”

In pop culture

If you grew up in the ’90s, perhaps you were a fan of New Kids on the Block. Enjoy their song, “Step by Step.”

There are other meanings of block.

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