2024 Basic+ Word of the Day Short Story Contest

As promised, this year we would like to do something different. Instead of celebrating the end of the year, we are celebrating new cycles with the spring or autumn equinox. Which one is it where you live? Write a story inspired by it for our next WOTD contest!


The subject of the story this year is “spring/autumn equinox”

Include at least 10 past Basic+ words of the day from any year in your story. Use our site to search for past words and read about their meanings. You can use plural forms of the words, conjugated verbs, etc. Use any words in the Basic+ column in this link.

Your story must be under 300 words (shorter is fine, but not longer).

One story per person (ie, you can send an Intermediate+ story OR a Basic+ story). The Intermediate+ contest is here.

To enter (that means that you will be in the contest), use this form to give us your contact information and your story. Prepare your story and fill out the form when it is finished. Please CAPITALIZE all the Word of the Day words so we can count them easily.


The winner will receive $100 via PayPal or Western Union. Runners up (people who almost win) will receive $25. The winning story will be published on the WordReference Word of the Day website.

We will announce the winners on March 21st. All stories must be received by March 7th!

Good luck and thank you again for your support of Word of the Day in 2024!

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Word of the Day is released Monday through Friday.

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