Basic+ Word of the Day: quite

quite (adverb) LISTEN

The house is quite modern.

Quite means ‘very,’ ‘extremely’ or ‘completely.’

  • I'm quite hungry! When is dinner?

We often use the word quite to mean ‘a lot, but not completely.’

  • It's quite difficult, but not impossible.

When we use not quite, it means ‘almost, but not completely.’

  • Can you wait two minutes? I'm not quite finished.

Don't confuse it with

If something is quiet, it means that it is soft and doesn’t make a lot of noise. The opposite of quiet is loud. For example, “The street is quiet at night. During the day it is loud because the cars and people make a lot of noise.”

In pop culture

Do you know the song “I Love You Baby”? Listen for the lyric, “I love you baby, and if it’s quite alright, I need you baby.” We can say, “If it’s quite alright” if we want someone’s permission for something. (Alright means ‘OK.’)

There are other meanings of quite.

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