Basic+ Word of the Day: rise

rise (verb) past tense: rose LISTEN

"Rise and shine! It's time for work."

Rise means ‘to go from a lower to a higher position.’

  • The sun rises every morning.
  • When the judge entered the courtroom, everyone rose.
  • Smoke was rising from the burning house.

Rise also means ‘to get up from bed.’

  • Jon rises every morning at 7:00AM.

Don't confuse it with

Many people confuse rise and raise. Rise means ‘to get up’ and raise means ‘to lift up.’ Example: “When the teacher asked a question, the students raised their hands.”

Rose has two meanings. It is the past tense of rise, but it is also a flower.

Common uses

rise and shine: wake up and get out of bed (and be happy). This is an expression that a cheerful parent may say to a sleepy child who doesn’t want to wake up.

In pop culture

Another meaning of rise is to get up after being down. You can see that in Katy Perry’s music video “Rise.” In the chorus, she says,”Don’t be surprised/I will still rise.”

There are other meanings of rise.

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