Basic+ Word of the Day: praise

praise (verb, noun) past tense: praised LISTEN

Praise means ‘to express approval or admiration.’

  • Edward praised his grandson for eating all his broccoli.

Praise is also to offer worship, as to God.

  • The gospel singers praised God for the wonders of nature.

Praise is also the act of expressing admiration to a person or deity.

  • The students need praise when they learn a new skill.

Common uses

sing someone’s praise: to praise highly. Example: “Please join with the choir as we sing God’s praise.”

damn with faint praise: to praise someone weakly to show that you think they are mediocre. Example: “The critic damned the book with faint praise when she wrote that the grammar was correct.”

In pop culture

When soldiers go to war, they often believe that God is on their side. Listen to this World War II song, “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.” Do you think this song is ironic?

There are other meanings of praise.

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