Basic+ Word of the Day: resume

resume (noun, verb) past tense: resumed LISTEN

A resume, sometimes spelled with accents (résumé), is a brief written account of education and professional experience. It is also called a CV.

  • Craig submitted his resume to the company that he wanted to work for.
  • Because Lisa didn't go to college, her resume emphasized her work experience.

To resume means ‘to continue’ or ‘to take up with again’.

  • After summer vacation, the students resumed their studies.
  • Let's get back to our seats; the play is about to resume.

Common uses

Usually we say resume in the US and CV in the UK.

Did you know?

When resume is a noun it has three syllables and the final ‘e’ is pronounced. When resume is a verb it has two syllables and the final ‘e’ is silent.

In pop culture

If you need help in writing a resume, there is lots of help on the internet. Here is a video that talks about “Top 5 Resume Mistakes You Need to Avoid.”

There are other meanings of resume.

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