Basic+ Word of the Day: coat

coat (noun, verb) past tense: coated LISTEN

A coat is something you wear over your clothing when it is cold outside.

  • Frank's new wool coat is warm and looks good on him.

A coat is also the natural covering on an animal.

  • The cat's coat was thick and soft.

A coat can be a layer of something that covers a surface.

  • The painter applied a coat of blue paint to the wall.
  • When they returned from vacation, there was a coat of dust on the furniture.

To coat means ‘to cover with a layer of something.’

  • Amy coated her skin with sunscreen before going to the beach.

Common uses

turncoat: a person who switches from one party or cause to another. Example: “When the politician saw that his party lost popularity he became a turncoat and joined the opposition.”

In pop culture

Dolly Parton starred in a Christmas movie about her youth called “A Coat of Many Colors.” Listen to the title song from the movie.

There are other meanings of coat.

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