Basic+ Word of the Day: random

random (adjective) LISTEN

Choose 6 random numbers.

Something is random if it is done without a plan or pattern.

  • The new song did not sound like music; it sounded like a series of random notes.
  • The magician chose random people from the audience for her magic trick.
  • A random sample of college students participated in the scientific study.

Common uses

at random: without regard to rules or purpose. Example: “Customs agents select people at random for a baggage search.”

Did you know?

Some people feel that there is not enough goodness in the world. To fight against this, they do good things for strangers for no special reason. Watch this video to see some random acts of kindness.

In pop culture

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk won the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Album of the Year. Here is the first track (song) from that album, “Give Life Back to Music.”

There are other meanings of random.
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