Basic+ Word of the Day: path

path (noun) LISTEN

A path is a narrow or thin walk or route.

  • The path to the top of the mountain was steep and difficult to climb.
  • The wolves followed a path through the forest.
  • The bicycle path stretches along the lakeside.
  • There is a running path in the park.

A path is also the route on which something moves.

  • The path of the tornado seemed random.

Common uses

cross paths: to meet by chance. Example: “Tom and Erin never went on a date, but they crossed paths often at business meetings.”

off the beaten path: not well known. Example: “The travel guide lists many tourist sites that are off the beaten path.”

In pop culture

A path can also be the long-term plan for the direction of your life. Watch the trailer for Star Wars 8 — “Choose Your Path.”

There are other meanings of path.

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