Basic+ Word of the Day: meet

meet (verb) // LISTEN

Nice to meet you!

If you meet someone, it means that you go to the same place at the same time because you agreed to do that.

  • I'll meet you outside the mall.

Meet means to talk to someone for the first time

  • I met my husband at university.

If you meet someone, it can also mean that you see and start talking to someone but you didn’t know that they were going to be there.

  • She met an old friend in the street.

Common uses

When we meet someone for the first time, we often say that it is nice to meet them. For example: “Hi, I’m Sandra.” “Nice to meet you.”

Don't confuse it with

Meat is a type of food that comes from animals.

In pop culture

Do you know the movie “Meet the Parents”? Ben Stiller’s character meets his girlfriend’s parents and the trip is a disaster. In this video, you can see when he meets her parents for the first time in front of their house.

There are other meanings of meet.

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