Basic+ Word of the Day: spread

spread (verb, noun) past tense: spread LISTEN

Spread means ‘to apply something in a thin layer.’

  • Jessica spreads the butter on the toast.
  • Frank spread blue paint on the wall yesterday.

Spread also means ‘to extend out’ or ‘to stretch out.’

  • Andrea spread the blanket on the ground for the picnic.
  • The bird spreads its wings when it's ready to fly.

A spread is a food that can be spread.

  • Evan's favorite spreads are peanut butter and jelly.
  • Cheese spread can be made of cheese and sour cream or mayonnaise.

Common uses

spread rumors: to tell people unverified information, usually about another person. Example: ‘Doug spread rumors about his ex-wife, even though he wasn’t sure they were true.”

In pop culture

When a baby bird is strong enough, it spreads its wings and flies. In the same way, when someone leaves a protected place and becomes independent, we say that they spread their wings. Listen to Queen singing “Spread Your Wings.”

There are other meanings of spread.

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