Basic+ Word of the Day: jar

jar (noun, verb) past tense: jarred LISTEN

A jar of pickles

A jar is a glass container that you put things in.

  • Martin opened the jar of strawberry jam.
  • Emma took a chocolate chip cookie from the cookie jar.

Jar also means ‘to suddenly vibrate or shake.’

  • The earthquake jarred the house.
  • The fire alarm jarred me from my sleep.

Did you know?

Some homes have a swear jar to discourage family members or roommates from using vulgar language. Every time someone swears (says a bad word), they have to put money in the jar.

Related words

ajar: slightly opened, when referring to a door. Example: “The door was ajar, so she heard their conversation.”

In pop culture

Watch this clip from the TV show Glee, which takes place at a high school prom (dance). The song is “Jar of Hearts.” You can sing along with the chorus: “Who do you think you are?/Running around leaving scars/Collecting your jar of hearts/Tearing love apart/ You’re going to catch a cold/From the ice inside your soul/Don’t come back for me.”

There are other meanings of jar.

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