Basic+ Word of the Day: key

key (noun, adjective) LISTEN

A car key.

A key is something that we use to open a door.

  • We got the keys to our new house today.

A key is also something that we push down to make something happen.

  • A piano has two types of keys: black and white.

If something is key, it means that it is important, or the most important.

  • We learned about the key events of World War II.

Related words

A keyboard is part of a computer. We use it to write. Computer keyboards have lots of different keys with letters and numbers on them. There’s also a musical instrument called a keyboard. It’s like a piano but smaller, and it uses electricity.

In pop culture

In this video from the first Harry Potter movie, Harry and his friends have to find a key so they can open a door. The problem is that there are thousands of keys… and they can fly! How does Harry get the right key?

There are other meanings of key.

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