Basic+ Word of the Day: pastry

pastry (noun) LISTEN

Pastry is a sweet baked food made of dough.

  • When I lived in Paris, I knew the name of every pastry in the pastry shop window.
  • George's favorite pastry is apple strudel.

Pastry is also the dough used to enclose food.

  • Beef Wellington is a steak wrapped in puff pastry.

Don't confuse it with

pasty: an individual savory pie, usually filled with meat and vegetables. These are popular in the UK and are often called Cornish pasties, because they come from the area of Cornwall, in the South East.

Common uses

pastry brush: a brush for applying butter or egg wash to pastries before baking.

pastry cream: a sweet cream filling for various types of pastry.

In pop culture

Watch this video to learn how to shape Danish pastries. Yum!

There are other meanings of pastry.

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