Basic+ Word of the Day: fill

fill (verb) past tense: filled LISTEN

Filling up the car

If you fill something, it means that you make it full.

  • She filled the glass with water.
  • People filled the streets.

If something fills a place, it means that it goes everywhere in that place.

  • Smoke filled the room.

If you fill out a form, it means that you write all the information that you need to write on the form. You can also fill in a form, and this has the same meaning.

  • Please fill out this form and send it to us by email.

If you fill up your car, it means that you put gas in it.

  • We can fill up at the next gas station.

In pop culture

Zoolander is a movie about a famous model. His friends are models too, and they’re not very clever. In this video from the movie, Zoolander and his friends are filling up at the gas station. One of them starts a water fight. What do you think happens next?

There are other meanings of fill.
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