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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: slope

To slope means ‘to have an inclined or oblique direction or angle’ and also ‘to move at such inclination.’ To form something with such an inclination is also to slope. As a noun, a slope is ground that has a natural inclination, like the sides of a hill. It is also the inclination itself or any other inclined…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: slump

As a verb, to slump means ‘to fall heavily’ or ‘collapse.’ It also means ‘to fall suddenly’ or ‘deteriorate,’ as prices, value, quality, or efficiency might do. If we are speaking figuratively about spirits or emotions, it means ‘to sink heavily.’ To have a bent position or posture with your body is also to slump. As a noun, a slump is an act, occasion, or instance of slumping, and also a period of time of general inefficiency or ineffectiveness or…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: slant

To slant means ‘to turn away from a straight line,’ especially a horizontal line. Figuratively, it means ‘to distort information by presenting it from a particular viewpoint’ or ‘to present something in such a way as to interest a particular group.’ As a noun, a slant is a slope, an oblique direction or angle, or, figuratively, a mental leaning or distortion or a point of view or opinion. Informally, in US English, a slant can be…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: coaster

A coaster is a person or thing that coasts, that is, that slides or glides down a hill or slope, and also, in US English, a sled used for coasting. A coaster is also a small dish or mat used under a glass or cup to protect the surface of the table. As a nautical term, a coaster is a ship engaged in trade around the…

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