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Word of the Day: sort Online Language Dictionaries   Word of the Day   March 2, 2016   sort (noun, verb) LISTEN       You can sort recyclables according to their material.   As a noun, sort means 'kind' and refers to a particular group or type, and when talking about people, especially in British English, it means 'of a particular character or nature.' As a verb, sort means 'to arrange something in groups' or 'to classify it in a particular order.' In computing, a sort is the arrangement of data.   Example sentences   • The new city zoo is full of […]

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A note from WordReference

Word of the Day December 18, 2015 Word of the Day Suspended for the Holidays¬† As the end of the year approaches, we wanted to thank you for reading Word of the Day! We are excited about this new project and are very grateful for your support. We hope you will enjoy the holidays with your families and that past Words of the Day will come in handy if you have the opportunity to speak English. Meanwhile, we will be taking a short break from Word of the Day while we work out some technical issues. In late January, we […]

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Word of the Day: merry

      Word of the Day   December 17, 2015   merry (adjective) LISTEN       Eat, drink, and be merry!   I'm sure you've been hearing and reading "Merry Christmas" a lot these days, but do you know what merry actually means? Merry is an adjective that describes someone or something happy, cheerful, and full of joy, and it is also used to describe festive occasions, like Christmas. In the UK, merry is also a light-hearted way of saying that someone is slightly drunk. Example sentences I love spending time with Sabrina, because she's always laughing and […]

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