Basic+ Word of the Day: amaze

amaze (verb) past tense: amazed LISTEN

Amaze means ‘to overwhelm with surprise or wonder.’

  • Steve was amazed every time he saw the sun rise over the mountain.
  • You amaze me with your intelligence.
  • The magician's tricks amazed the children.

Common uses

The expression, never cease to amaze, is a way to emphasize that something is amazing. Example: “My grandson’s intelligence never ceases to amaze me.” “You never cease to amaze me.”

Related words

amazing: causing astonishment, wonder or admiration. Example: “What an amazing view!”

In pop culture

Watch Aerosmith’s video of their song “Amazing.”

And now for something completely different, listen to Aretha Franklin sing “Amazing Grace.”

There are other meanings of amaze.
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