Basic+ Word of the Day: nasty

nasty (adjective) LISTEN

Kids can be nasty.

Nasty means ‘highly offensive or disgusting.’

  • Ella's husband has the nasty habit of eating with his mouth open.
  • The nasty smell of yesterday's garbage filled the room.
  • "I don't want any fried liver; it's nasty!"

Nasty also means ‘indecent or obscene.’

  • The teenagers never use nasty language in front of their parents.

Nasty can also mean ‘angry, threatening or ugly.’

  • The nasty boys would not let the other children play in the playground.
  • The neighbors' nasty dog barked every time Cathy walked by.

Did you know?

“Such a nasty woman,” was a comment that Donald Trump made about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US presidential campaign. The expression, “nasty woman” went viral and launched a feminist movement. Read about it here.

In pop culture

Watch Janet Jackson’s music video “Nasty” and read the lyrics here.

There are other meanings of nasty.
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