Basic+ Word of the Day: quit

quit (verb) past tense: quit LISTEN

"I quit!"

Quit means ‘to stop, cease or discontinue.’

  • Lila quit smoking.
  • "Please quit singing that awful song."
  • "Quit hitting your brother!"

Quit also means ‘to resign.’

  • Bob quit his job when his manager left the company.
  • Evan quit school when he was 16 years old.

Quit can also mean ‘to leave a place or person.’

  • On Friday afternoon, Dan quit the city for his house by the lake.
  • Rodney quit his girlfriend after their fight.

Don't confuse it with

quite: really. Example: “Erica is quite happy at her new job.”

Common uses

call it quits: to end a relationship or activity. Example: “After 10 years of marriage, Tony and Nancy called it quits.”

In pop culture

Listen to Blood, Sweat and Tears sing “I Can’t Quit Her.”

There are other meanings of quit.

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