Basic+ Word of the Day: again

again (adverb) LISTEN

"Can you say that again?"

If you do something again, it means that you do it one more time.

  • I didn’t hear you. Can you say that again?

You can use again when you go back to a place where you were before.

  • I walked up the hill and back down again.

You can also use again when you go back to how you were before.

  • I was sick last week but now I feel well again.

Common uses

When someone does something several times, we sometimes say that they are doing it again and again. We often say this because we think that they are doing it too many times. For example, “My children can watch the same movie again and again.”

In pop culture

Do you know the song Say It Again by Frances? It’s about a woman who doesn’t believe that someone loves her. She wants him to say, “I love you,” so that she knows it’s true. Can you hear these words: “Say it again, I want to know that you mean it this time”?

There are other meanings of again.

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