Basic+ Word of the Day: jug

jug (noun, verb) past tense: jugged LISTEN

A jug is a large container for liquids, with a handle and a small neck, usually made of clay.

  • There was a jug of wine on the picnic table.
  • After Melissa makes apple cider, she stores it in jugs in her basement.
  • Andrew pours maple syrup from a small jug on his pancakes.

Jug also means ‘to cook meat in a clay container.’

  • The chef jugged the beef with root vegetables and red wine.

Don't confuse it with

Jugs and bottles are both containers for liquids with narrow necks. Jugs are usually made of clay and have a handle. Bottles are usually made of glass.

Did you know?

Jugs is a vulgar slang word for a woman’s breasts. If you use jugs in this way, the woman will be insulted.

In pop culture

Jugs are often the inspiration for drinking songs. Here, the Clancy Brothers sing the Irish drinking song, “A Jug of Punch.” (Punch is a drink made of fruit juice and liquor.)

And here is another classic drinking song from the US. Listen to Tom Roush sing the original 1868 version of “Little Brown Jug.”


There are other meanings of jug.
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