Basic+ Word of the Day: welcome

welcome (interjection, verb, adjective) past tense: welcomed LISTEN

"Welcome to the job."

We use the word welcome when we want to say that we are happy that someone is there.

  • Welcome to Canada!

If you welcome someone, it means that you show them that you are happy because they are there.

  • We welcomed him to our home.

If you are welcome to do something, it means that you can do it, because someone says that it is OK.

  • You're welcome to visit us any time.

Common uses

When we do something for someone, and we want to say that we were happy to do it, we can say, “You’re welcome.” We say this after the person says thank you. For example, “Thanks for your help.” “You’re welcome!”

In pop culture

Do you know the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? It’s about a man called Willy Wonka, who owns a candy factory. The factory was closed for many years, but now six children are coming to visit it. Willy Wonka is happy to have some visitors, so he makes a song to welcome the children and their parents. But at the end of the song, do the children think that he’s cool, or that he’s strange?

There are other meanings of welcome.

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