Basic+ Word of the Day: fashion

fashion (noun, verb) past tense: fashioned LISTEN

Fashion is a prevailing style of dress or appearance.

  • Miniskirts were the latest fashion in 1966.
  • Although long, curly hair is in fashion, Jessica prefers short hair.
  • "Paris fashions are not usually popular in our town."

Fashion is also the way or manner of doing something.

  • "If we're discussing politics, let's do it in a civilized fashion."

Fashion also means ‘to give a particular shape or form to.”

  • Marianne fashioned a necklace out of sea shells that she collected.

Common uses

old fashioned: in an old style. Example: “The decor of her aunt’s home was very old fashioned.”

after a fashion: to a small extent. “I speak French after a fashion.”

Did you know?

An old fashioned is an alcoholic mixed drink. To learn how to make one, watch the video:

In pop culture

Listen to Queen singing their 1977 hit, “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy.”

There are other meanings of fashion.

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