Basic+ Word of the Day: journey

journey (noun, verb) LISTEN

A plane journey.

A journey is the time or distance that you travel to go somewhere. Usually a journey is long.

  • I hate long bus journeys.
  • The journey to work took more than two hours.

A journey is also a vacation to a different city or country.

  • We went on a two-week journey to Brazil.

To journey also means ‘to travel.’

  • We journeyed to China.


The word journey is very common in the UK. In the US, we usually use the noun trip. (“We went on a two-week trip to Brazil.”)

Common uses

In the UK, when someone comes to visit us from a distant place, we often ask, “How was the journey?”

In pop culture

Journey is the name of a band from the 1980s. One of their most famous songs is Don’t Stop Believing. The song is about the stories of strangers (people who don’t know each other).

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