Basic+ Word of the Day: punish

punish (verb) past tense: punished LISTEN

Punish means to cause someone pain as a penalty for something.

  • If you hit your brother, you will be punished.
  • The judge punished the speeding driver with a fine.

Punish also means ‘to treat harshly or hurt.’

  • George punishes his tires when he drives on that rough road.
  • When you drink too much, you punish your body.

Related words

punishment: penalty assigned for an offense. Example: “The punishment for robbing the bank was 10 years in prison.”

punishable: deserving of punishment. Example: “Lying during a trial is a punishable offense.”

In pop culture

Listen to Johnny Cash sing “Why Do You Punish Me?”

There are other meanings of punish.
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