Basic+ Word of the Day: venture

venture (noun, verb) past tense: ventured LISTEN

Angela's first business venture was a success.

A venture is an activity involving risk or uncertainty.

  • Their mountain climbing venture was harder than they expected.
  • Nancy's new business venture attracted several wealthy investors.

Venture means ‘to risk’ or ‘to take a risk.’

  • The investor ventured 20% of his money on startups.
  • The explorers venture deep into the forest.

Common uses

venture a guess: to assume. Example: “I’d venture a guess that the reviews of your book will be very positive.”

venture capital: high-risk investments that can be very profitable, if successful. Example: “Ted hoped that he could find someone to invest venture capital in his new business.”

In pop culture

If you were a teenager in the ’60s, you probably listened to the instrumental band, The Ventures. Here they are playing their hit, “Wipe Out.”

There are other meanings of venture.
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