Basic+ Word of the Day: slim

slim (adjective, verb) past tense: slimmed LISTEN

Slim means ‘slender or thin, as in the width of someone’s body.’

  • That dress style looks best on a slim woman.
  • John's hips are so slim that his jeans fall down.

Slim also means ‘slight.’

  • There is a slim chance that Stacey will win the election.

Slim down means ‘to become slim.’

  • Charley slimmed down after his back surgery.

Did you know?

The expression slim pickings means¬†‘very few good choices left.’ Example: “After the other kids each took a toy, it was slim pickings.” An actor who played many cowboy roles in the mid-20th century was named Slim Pickens. He probably chose that name as a joke–a play on slim pickings.

In pop culture

Watch Eminem’s 2000 hit music video “The Real Slim Shady.”

There are other meanings of slim.
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