Basic+ Word of the Day: craft

craft (noun, verb) past tense: crafted LISTEN

A craft is an art or trade requiring special skill, especially of the hands.

  • Carpentry is a craft that requires exact measurements.
  • Annie's favorite craft is making vases out of clay.

A craft can also be a small ship or boat.

  • Jack took his craft out on the lake.
  • It's very windy and there is a small craft warning. So don't go sailing today.

Craft also means ‘to make something with great skill and care.’

  • Tom crafted a horse with just a piece of wood and a knife.
  • Agatha Christie's mysteries have well crafted story lines.

Did you know?

Arts and crafts are a wide variety of activities that involve making artistic items with your hands. The Arts and Crafts Movement from about 1880 to 1920 promoted design by skilled craftsmen versus by mass production. Read more about it here.

Related words

crafty: skillful in dishonest schemes. Example: “The crafty merchant sold designer items for very inexpensive prices.”

aircraft: airplane. Example: “There were aircraft from World War II in the airshow.”

In pop culture

The Craft is a movie about four teenage girls who discover that they are witches. Watch the trailer.

There are other meanings of craft.
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