Basic+ Word of the Day: mighty

mighty (adjective, adverb) LISTEN

The mighty lion is king of the jungle.

Mighty means ‘showing super power or strength.’

  • The mighty army attacked the rebels.
  • The mighty ruler ignored many of the laws.

Mighty can also mean ‘huge.’

  • The mighty Mississippi River bisects the United States.

Mighty also means ‘very’ or ‘extremely.’

  • Leslie was mighty glad to see her daughter during vacations.
  • The teacher was mighty upset when her all students failed the exam.

Common uses

high and mighty: acting as if you’re more important than others. Example: “When Rachel was accepted at Harvard, she started acting all high and mighty.”

Did you know?

Mighty Mouse was a popular cartoon in the 1950s that children watched on TV every Saturday morning. He was a superhero who could fly. Watch the intro.

In pop culture

Watch Jimmy Sommerville’s video of his song “Mighty Real.” Does this song makes you feel mighty happy?

There are other meanings of mighty.
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