Basic+ Word of the Day: last

last (adjective, verb) past tense: lasted LISTEN

The last piece of the puzzle

If something or someone is last, it means that they are at the end and nothing comes after them.

  • This is my last cigarette. I'm never smoking again.
  • I'm almost finished my book. I'm on the last page.

Last can also mean that you don’t have more of something.

  • We'll have to go to the store because this is the last piece of bread.

With time, last means ‘the most recent,’ or ‘the one before this one.’

  • My family came to visit last weekend.

If something lasts for a time, it means that it continues for that time.

  • The movie lasts two hours.

Common uses

When we wait for something for a long time and it finally happens, we often say “At last!” For example: “Look, the waiter is bringing our food.” “At last! I’m so hungry!”

In pop culture

Blues singer Etta James is famous for the song “At Last.” She sings, “At last, my love has come along.” This means that she has finally found her love.

There are other meanings of last.

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