Basic+ Word of the Day: couple

couple (noun, verb) past tense: coupled LISTEN

A couple is a pairing of two people.

  • The married couple walked hand in hand.
  • The couple danced as if they knew each other well.

A couple is also two things that are alike or a pair.

  • Please wait a couple minutes; I need to find my keys.
  • You'll need a couple apples for that recipe.

To couple means ‘to join or connect two things together.’

  • The train conductor coupled the cars together.
  • The economic conditions coupled with the political mood make the city a very volatile place.

Common uses

A power couple is usually a couple who both have very important jobs. For example, one spouse/partner may be a powerful politician and the other may be the president of a large company.

A couples’ retreat is usually a weekend at a remote location where couples go to improve their relationship.

In pop culture

This video is about singles who would like to become couples. Do you think this strategy is effective?

There are other meanings of couple.

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