Basic+ Word of the Day: square

square (noun) LISTEN

Lemon squares

A square is a rectangle with four equal sides.

  • The geometry student drew a square.
  • The buffet tables were set up in a square.

A square is also an open area where two or more streets meet.

  • The art fair was held in the village square.

Square is also a number multiplied by itself.

  • Nine is the square of three.
  • Three is the square root of nine.

Common uses

square away: to put things in order. Example: “Everything is squared away for the party.”

square off: to be ready to fight. Example: “The wrestlers square off against each other.”

Did you know?

Square dance is a dance for four couples facing each other in a square. A caller shouts out the sequence of steps. Watch this video demonstration.

In pop culture

Watch the trailer for The Sponge Bob Movie. Do you think Sponge Bob Square Pants will save the day?

There are other meanings of square.
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