Basic+ Word of the Day: stance

stance (noun) LISTEN

The key to success in golf is your stance.

A stance is the position of the body while standing, especially in sports.

  • In the warrior stance, your lower leg should be perpendicular to the ground.
  • Although the batter's stance was unconventional, he hit a home run.

A stance is also an opinion taken with respect to something.

  • Some voters disagree with the senator's stance against gun control.
  • Allison joined the church because of their stance on welcoming strangers to their community.
  • When selecting political candidates, it's important to consider both their personalities and their stances.

Common uses

soften your stance: to lessen the severity of your opinion. Example: “After hearing arguments on both sides, William softened his stance towards green energy.”

Did you know?

Do you know the purpose of karate stances? Find out here.

In pop culture

Listen to Bad Religion singing “Resist Stance.” Listen for the last verse, “Take a stance. The resistance (resist-stance).”

There are other meanings of stance.
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