Basic+ Word of the Day: alike

alike (adverb) LISTEN

Alike means ‘similar or the same.’

  • Although Jane and Diana are twins, they don't look alike.
  • Bob used to think that all politicians were alike.

Alike also means ‘in the same manner.’

  • Andrew's mom treats all her children alike.

Did you know?

When two people say the same thing at the same time, one may then say, “Great minds think alike.” That is just a joking way to say that both people are very intelligent.

Related words

lookalike: a person who looks like someone else. Example: “I saw my brother’s lookalike at a local restaurant.”

Watch this video of celebrity lookalikes. Which one do you think is the best lookalike?

In pop culture

The Patty Duke Show was about two cousins who looked alike. Here is the show’s theme song. Listen for the lyric, “They laugh alike, they talk alike, at times they even walk alike.”

There are other meanings of alike.
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