Basic+ Word of the Day: fair

fair (adjective, noun) LISTEN

An art fair

Fair means ‘correctly done, according to the rules.’

  • Someone who is charged with a crime should get a fair trial.
  • The boxers fought a fair fight.
  • Lenny paid a fair price for his new car.

Fair also means ‘sunny or a light color.’

  • It rained this morning, but this afternoon the sky is fair.
  • Phyllis has fair skin and hair.

A fair is an exhibition of farm products, art or other items for sale.

  • The farmer showed his prize pig at the state fair.
  • Edith bought a sculpture at the art fair.

Common uses

fair and square: honestly. Example: Nancy won the election fair and square.

In pop culture

Watch Lilly Allen sing “Not Fair” about her lover who doesn’t care about her:

There are other meanings of fair.

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